Colleague Stories

We spoke to some of our brilliant support workers to find out what it’s really like working in social care, and they’d like to share their stories with you...

Dorothy reflects on her journey working in Dimensions as an employee from a BAME background

“I would like to reflect on my journey of working in Dimensions as an employee from a BAME background.

I love the fact that senior management are the people driving change in the organisation to ensure that people of colour are listened to and given opportunities to grow in their careers.  The Diversity Group is an amazing platform where we air our thoughts, challenge poor practice, and share experiences, including unpleasant ones. 

I have been very fortunate to be selected to observe how interviews were conducted at Board Level to ensure that the  recruitment and selection process was fair, and the best person got the job.  This is a typical example of how Dimensions takes a lead in living their equality and diversity values and not just paying lip service.

I would definitely recommend and encourage people from BAME grounds to join Dimensions because the organisation allows you to ‘bring yourself’ to the work place, making it more vibrant and exciting.”