Great Places to Work Award

31 May 2021
The Dimensions group has been officially recognised as one of the UK’s best workplaces in the ‘super large’ category by the Great Place to Work Institute for the third year in a row. We are one of the very few social care organisations to earn a place.
Great Places to Work Award

We placed 23rd in the 2021 UK Best Workplaces, 13th in 2020 and 17th in 2019. Not only that, but we sit alongside household names such as Hilton, Cisco, DHL, and Santander.

The success follows analysis of the results of last year’s colleague survey and a comprehensive review of our management policies and practices. This included findings such as:

  • 86% of colleagues feel a sense of pride in what they do (up 5% from last year). 
  • 76% agree that they are offered training or development to further themselves professionally. 
  • 72% would recommend working here to others. 
  • Our overall ‘trust rating’ (the average of the core survey statements asked by the Great Places to Work survey) was 73%.

This year all organisations were judged primarily by how they have responded to the pandemic, and so our accreditation is down to the hard work, professionalism, and resolve of all our colleagues in the face of an unprecedented crisis.

Executive Director Stella Cheetham said, “This accolade is recognition of the work we have done to be the best employer we can be, including with our management practices during an unprecedented crisis – but it is more than that. It is, most importantly, recognition that every colleague has stood up to the plate over the last 13 months of hardships and challenges, and so it is you – our team of colleagues – who have made us officially a Great Place to Work!”