Extraordinary careers

Could extraordinary circumstances lead to an extraordinary new career?

No matter the circumstances, we will always need caring and values-driven people to support people with learning disabilities and/or autism to lead safe and fulfilling lives.

With a role as a Dimensions support worker you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are protecting and transforming people’s lives – with job security.

At Dimensions we recruit people based on our values, meaning that as a Support Worker you don’t need qualifications – we’ll give you all the training you need. 

From May 17th 2021, to protect the people we support and our colleagues, Dimensions requires all new colleagues to have been vaccinated. Read our open letter to potential new colleagues regarding our policy on vaccination here.

Fast track recruitment

We’ve set up a fast-track recruitment process of video interviews and quick decisions on recruitment, meaning we can make provisional offers and get you started on your training quickly. 

Within two weeks of provisional offer, we will aim to have you ready to work. We will provide you with all the information and at-home training you need to get started.  

You’ll gain transferrable skills and recognised qualifications – as well as the opportunity to gain new experiences and try out a career in care. 

We have flexible roles available across the country to suit your availability, including full time, part-time, relief and casual contracts. Whether you are in search of a full career change or a temporary solution until you are able to get back to work in your chosen career. 

How Dimensions is managing Covid-19

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19

We would like to assure candidates and new starters that Dimensions is taking all possible steps to minimise risks to colleagues during the coronavirus pandemic.

Click here to read how Dimensions is managing Covid-19

Need a recap? We’re offering:
  • flexible roles 
  • fast track recruitment 
  • quick response time 
  • we will aim to have you ready to work within 2 weeks 
  • at-home training 
  • transferrable skills 
  • recognised qualifications 
  • the opportunity to gain new experiences